Steve Leader Adams for Moore County Sheriff

Restore Integrity or re-elect a STREET THUG. Here is why I am running for Sheriff of Moore County.

Four Reasons:

1) Have you ever witnessed a kid bully another kid who is afraid to take on the bully because of their power? Well that is what our Sheriff is doing to good citizens of our county, and if I don't stop it, who will? Sheriff Fields has threatened and bullied four good taxpaying citizen that I know of so far. In every case he told them they were going to do a favor for him, or he threated to destroy their lives and livelihood. I cannot be more specific, to protect their identities, but this behavior is inexcusable. Needless to say, we do not have a Sheriff, we have a common STREET THUG, who displays no integrity or judgment. May 17 you will have to decide if you want to re-elect a THUG, or restore the integrity to the Office of Sheriff by voting Adams for Sheriff. If you have witnessed any of this behavior, please email me at .

What kind of Sheriff would ever threated to destroy citizens lives and livelihood? That brings me to Reason 2.

2) Rules for thee but not for me. Our Sheriff continues the two tiered justice system in this county for himself and the "good old boys" network within the Sheriff Office. There is one set of laws for you and me, but the "good old boys" don't have to follow many of these laws (at least in their heads). For example, there have been numerous law enforcement individual that have been stopped for driving while impaired. Instead of being charged for their offence, they are allowed to get a ride home without consequences. I will destroy the "good old boys" network on day one. Everyone in law enforcement will be held accountable for their actions. They will also be held to a higher standard. They will set the example we all should follow.

3) During his first year in office, our sheriff (taking a page from my playbook) said he planned to convert the old jail, which has been sitting empty, to a youth detention center and lease out the empty cells. Good idea, but to date ( four years later) nothing has been done because of sheriff does not have the skills to get it done. He has been a bureaucrat all his working life. I have been an entrepreneur all my life. The difference is, the sheriff can only jawbone an idea, I know how to get thing done, and done in a hurry.

4) On day one I will install the best Chief Deputy Moore County has ever had. Their law enforcement skills combined with my 40+ years of management experience, will keep Moore County safer while lowering the cost of law enforcement. I will not DE-fund the Sheriff Office, instead I will generate revenue for the county by leasing out unused jail cells, and greatly speed up trials which will save millions. My complete plan is below. The rest of this website will give you the details of my plan.

Steve's Plan for Law Enforcement Excellence and Fiscal Independence:



When I was 27, I took $25,000 of borrowed money, and turned it into the largest private homebuilding company in North Carolina in 6 years, and I built over 2000 homes. Today my goal is to take those skills and make the Moore County Sheriff’s Office the finest Department in the State, with the best trained, best educated, best equipped, and best paid deputies. We will reduce crime in Moore County for the first time in decades through new leadership, effective use of current resources, and innovative new policies. We will create an environment that all staff will enjoy working and advancing their careers in. We will also make the Sheriff's Department free to the taxpayer, plus generate up to a potential $45 million in annual income. This income will come from leasing unused jail space to the Federal Government, which can then be used to pay competitive salaries to our current staff, build schools, a courthouse, or other county amenities.


The Problem:
Our Moore County Sheriff’s Office, and our Sheriff himself, is devoid of integrity, economic efficiency, and achievement.
By being devoid of integrity, I mean he compromises the Sheriff's Office by enforcing a double standard of the law.
By being devoid of  efficiency, I mean he fails to meet reasonable minimum standards, and does not see the position as the business it is.
By being devoid of achievement, I mean there has been no improvement of your life despite all your investment in the department.
The current Sheriff's Office reeks of nepotism and the good old boys network, aka "The Establishment."       

How I will restore Integrity and Leadership to the Moore County Sheriff Department and make it 100% FREE to the taxpayer:
I will utilize my 40+ years of business management experience, as CEO of three of North Carolina’s largest privately held corporations, to restore integrity and professionalism to the Sheriff Department, and restore equal justice under the law. I will also install the Best Chief Deputy in the State. You will still be protected by the same 78 deputies and 48 detention officers. Once I am elected, these brave individuals will finally have the leadership and integrity they have been craving to serve under.

I will install our own county crime lab, at no added cost to the budget, that will dramatically lower operating costs, speed up getting drug cases to trial by 93% (three months to trial, instead off the current 1 to 3 years), which will dramatically reduce the sale and consumption of illegal drugs, and reverse the rising tide of youth drug involvement. My plan will save a lot of lives.
I will lease out unused beds in the detention center to the Federal Government. That will make the Moore County Sheriff Office 100% free to the county taxpayer. In addition, I will also be able to give back to the County Commissioners up to $45 million every year. That is enough money to pay for the new courthouse that we are being force to build, and meet all of the building needs of the school board, plus all teaching salary shortfalls that we currently face. This may sound too good to be true, but it is not. We already own the assets to make my plan happen, but my opponents lack the business skills, or desire to implement my plan. I do, which is why you need to elect Steve Leader Adams, Sheriff of Moore County. My opponents will give you lots of reasons why my plan can't be done. They look at it through their lifelong experience as a bureaucrat. They see it as a lot of work that does not pay extra. I come from the private sector where we do not come up with excuses why it cannot be done, we just get it done.

Elect me Sheriff, and allow me to lead the Moore County Sheriff Office into prosperity that it has never seen before, as only someone from the private sector can accomplish. Let me restore our Sheriff Office's integrity, and breathe new economic life into our great County. I will not fail you.